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Your Financial Future 

Welcome to Guerra Financial Group! Your values play a significant role in our organization because we are tremendously family oriented. Our objective is to assist you and your family in defining and addressing financial goals. We will teach you how to optimize your standard of living while saving and investing for your future. By educating the South Florida Community, we ensure that the future of your home will be prosperous financially.

Mauro Guerra opened Guerra Financial Group in 1986 and the firm has been providing top-notch financial education to the South Florida Community. Over the years, we have been able to serve thousands of clients with financial ideas and choices. Over this journey, we have learned that time can be your biggest ally or your biggest foe. Meaning, if people procrastinate they will end up having the pain of regret rather than the pain of discipline which leads to a fruitful financial future. Remember, you cannot properly plan for something you do not fully understand. That is why we are here to help you understand.

Who We Are

As an independent firm with a family based environment, we have built our firm based on Transparency, Integrity and Commitment (TIC).

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What We Do

We create tailored plans (Your Financial GPS) by using customized investment and insurance products that allow you to live out YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY. 

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Why We Do It

It's never been our intention to be all things to all people. But rather be all things to a few people. This makes us want to grow alongside with you!

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