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You've been in control of your finances and your business all your life and now its time to STAY IN CONTROL.

Unfortunately, you ARE NOT IN CONTROL if your Retirement and Legacy Plan is yet to be strategized. A strategy that includes Succession Planning, a Business Exit Options, Tax Deferred Growth, Protection of Principle, Tax Free Distributions, Competitive Returns, Unlimited Contributions, Loan and Collateral Options and much more. As a fellow business owner, we want you to retire when you WANT to and not when you HAVE to. When creating your strategy, we will focus on the following 3 Areas!

Choosing How You Want To Stay In Control: Which exit strategy will you use? Buy-Sell Agreement, Family Transfer, 3rd Party Options, How will Taxes affect you? Will your Business need to continue providing you with Income? For How Long? Etc.

Choosing How Safe Your Money Is: Are your assets protected against losses? Are 60 and conservative or 60 and risky? How much Guaranteed Income will you need to sustain your current standard of living? What strategies are available for your assets to grow?  

Choosing How Efficient Your Legacy Will Be: Do you want to leave your business or properties to your family? Will they sell everything the moment you are gone? Would you like to Maximize your Legacy in a Tax-Free Strategy? How will you avoid Legal Probate? 

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