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5 Step New Client Process


Your Experience Begins Here

  • First Visit - Understanding Your Situation

No decisions will be made in this appointment.

 During this first visit we will:

      - Identify your goals, aspirations and challenges in relation to your personal and financial data

      - Answer the following questions:

i. Is there chemistry with your advisor?

ii.       Are your goals achievable?

iii.      Can we add value to your current situation?

iv.      Do you meet our new client profile

        * We are very selective about the people we decide to work with. It has never been our goal to be all things to all people, but rather, to be all things to a few people. For that reason, we are careful in gathering enough information in your first appointment to ensure we are the right fit.

  • 2nd Visit - Implementing Your Financial Strategy

In this meeting, the notes from the 1st meeting will be discussed to make sure your goals have not changed. With our guidance, you will have the option to choose which Investment and/or Insurance vehicles will be used to start implementing Your Financial GPS.  

  • 3rd Visit - Receiving Your Financial Strategy

Now we will recap your 2nd Visit and go into the finite details of your financial plan. This includes filling out any remaining documents and presenting you with your formal Financial GPS to begin achieving your objectives and aspirations. 

  • 4th Visit - Financial Strategy Review
In this meeting, we will recap your third visit and personally introduce to every team member at Guerra Financial Group. We will also confirm the details of your plan and accounts including beneficiaries, ownership, monthly savings rate, allocations, etc. 

  • 5th Visit - Moving Forward and Ongoing Service

This visit is the first visit of many annual, semi-annual, and even quarterly meetings. At every one of these visits, we will review your accounts and plan to make sure your on the right path towards reaching your Income Gap goals. During these years, we will be inviting you to participate in different educational and social events we will have.