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The Ambassadors Club

Getting Involved as an Ambassador

The prestige of being in The Ambassadors Club means you have genuinely helped a few friends or family members organize their retirement assets by introducing them to our team.

You can think in context of your lawn care guy. Completely different service, but the concept is the same. Your guy is incredible - he’s always on time, he’s meticulous with everything he does, he’s very reasonably priced and you love him. But your neighbor - he’s got a different story. His lawn care guy never shows up on time, he’s always got some excuse for why he’s going to be two or three hours late, he’s sloppy and he charges like he’s cutting a golf course. Now, should you just sit over at your place content - because you're good to go - and let your neighbor grind it out over at his place, or do you owe it to him and to your lawn guy to connect the two and put them both in a better situation?” “See, we think that’s where we are at this point? We’re in a time and place in this country where we have a clear need to rise to quality - to promote those who deliver and stop settling for anything less. We see the courage our clients had to get out of their comfort zone and seek out financial expertise, and we wonder how many of your family and friends and those in your circle of influence haven’t done so. Worse yet, how many might eventually NEVER get the service they deserve.
Be the bridge between two people and change the world.  - F. Guerra

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